Board Info

2019 – 2020 Executive Board

President: Nicole Kuck


Communications: Kristen Cherry and Cyndi Fila

Events: Abby Sink

 Fundraising: Rachel Faraoni

Treasurer: Tracy Holmes


Nicole Kuck, President

A graduate of Grand Canyon University with a degree in Elementary Education, Nic taught school for 5 years, 2.5 of those spent teaching special education focusing on behavior exceptionalities. She has coached middle and high school softball on and off since 2008, but took a 4 year break to spend time with her daughters. In December 2017 she returned to work full time for Positive Coaching Alliance.

Nic is married to Aaron and together they have two daughters who are in kindergarten and second grade at Las Sendas Elementary. As a family they love attending Mission Community Church in Gilbert, spending time in northern AZ at the cabin and dance parties in their kitchen.

Nic has always wanted to be a part of a PTO, serving the school and community where her children spend their days. PTO success, for Nic, is defined by three things.

  1. community involvement in activities that support the children, families, the school and the community as a whole
  2. a strong connection with and appreciation for the teachers it serves
  3. raising money to support and fund the needs of the school.

All of these are done through hard work and partnerships with the surrounding community and sponsors that value education. At year’s end, the Las Sendas PTO will have accomplished all of these things and had FUN in the process.

Speaking of fun, Nic Kuck is always up for some. Her current goal is to hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in May of 2020. Although she will be training hard this year, you can bet she will allow herself her favorite junk food treats. Sweet or salty you might ask? It doesn’t matter. As she says, “Let’s be real….I love ALL foods and will gladly welcome any restaurant recommendations.”

Tracy Holmes, Las Sendas PTO Treasurer

Graduating from Western International University with a BS in Business and a Minor in Finance, Tracy works as a Technical Financial Analyst at Dun and Bradstreet. Having spent 21 years there, she admits she absolutely loves what she does and the peoples she works with on a regular basis.

Tracy and Dan Holmes have been married for 18 years and as Tracy shared, “We are an awesome team.” They are parents to a very active and talkative 2ndgrader, Ariana, who Tracy referred to as “their little miracle.” Ariana keeps Tracy and Dan on their toes because she is busy with activities from tumbling and karate to singing, dancing, crafting and playing with friends. Although Dan travels for work frequently, Tracy admires that he always finds time outside of his job to have fun with his girls.

When Ariana started school two years ago, Tracy admits she had no idea how much she would love Las Elementary. When approached to join the PTO Board, she shared she wasn’t really sure. In thinking through whether or not to volunteer her time, she liked the idea of being part of a team of strong moms and teachers all trying to do the best together for the students and school community. With her strong financial background, Tracy will be able to assist the team in keeping the financial books and obligations accurate and organized so that the PTO can provide for the needs of the school.

This highly successful, numbers crunching Mom is very humble. She hails from a farm in central Pennsylvania and admits she will always be a farm girl at heart. Speaking of heart…if you want to know the way to Tracy’s heart she absolutely loves dark chocolate, chocolate ice cream and sweet snacks. Go to know!

Abbey Sink, Event Planning

Abbey grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from Oklahoma State University. She has spent years as an Event Planner and 18 years as a Cheerleading Coach. Her experience makes her beyond qualified to take on the task of PTO Event planning and bringing different events to the community that will be both fun and engaging for all.

The Sink Family is new to Las Sendas and have jumped right in to the school community. They enjoy traveling and have been able to travel and move every few years due serving in our country’s military.

Serving on the PTO Board is a way for Abbey to support the community and get involved. As an involved Mom and someone with talent in planning events, Abbey looks forward to actively participating in the lives of her children and helping out the community where she can.

When asked to share a fun fact that others may not know about her, Abbey shared that they were once neighbors to Belgian royalty and had the princes over for playdates. Think about planning those playdates! If Abbey can play playdates with Royals, we know she will be amazing at planning events for Las Sendas Elementary. If you see her you may want to welcome her with her favorite candy….Butterfinger!

Rachel Faraoni, Fundraising  

Rachel is a Marriage and Family Therapy specialist. Her favorite areas of focus are adolescents and marriage.  She currently stays home with her two small children and does freelance therapy when the occasion arises. In the past she worked with the ANASAZI Foundation, a non-profit that intervenes with at risk youth by teaching primitive survival skills.

Rachel and her husband have two beautiful children and in her words, “My husband and I brought two of the most wonderful individuals into this world.”  She is truly a proud mom in love with her little ones,  a daughter at Las Sendas Elementary and a preschool aged son.

So why the PTO for Rachel, when she clearly has her hands full at home? She knows that parent involvement is a huge factor in the life of a child and their education. Knowing this, she wants to be involved in whatever way can help her own children and the children of the community have the best possible education experience. Success for the PTO, in Rachel’s opinion, is if the 2019-2020 Board can promote an atmosphere of community.

Like the others on the Board, Rachel has some hidden talents and things no one knows about her. She can start a fire by rubbing sticks together. Not very many people probably know how to do that and it’s probably a safe bet that she is the only one on the Board who can do that. She is particularly fond of chocolate and caramel so maybe if you give her some she will teach you to do what she can.

Kristen Cherry, Communications

A graduate of York University and Humber College in Canada, Kristen has vast experience in the fields of Education, Public Relations, and Graphic Design. Currently she is the Director of Franchise Development for Pet Planet. She is also a highly skilled and talented photographer who is behind the camera whenever time allows.

Kristen is married to Daryl Cherry and they have three children. Madeline,now in Jr. High, is a graduate of Las Sendas Elementary while Megan and Everett both attend Las Sendas Elementary in 6th  and 2ndgrade.

Kristen brings much talent, knowledge and perspective the PTO Board. She will be spending these first few months of the year helping her daughter recover from surgery and will put her PTO responsibilities on hold for a bit. The Board looks forward to her return in a few months. Family is most important and that is where Kristen’s time and attention need to be as the school year begins.

Cyndi Fila, Communications

Cyndi was born and raised in Mesa and graduated from the University of San Diego with a BA in Liberal Arts. She earned a Masters in Elementary Education while teaching 1stgrade in Gilbert. She transitioned from teaching school to the world of sales.  After nearly 20 years in pharmaceutical sales, marketing and management, Cyndi retired to stay home with her son and daughter.

Cyndi is married to Darin, and together they have three children – Kylie, a Junior at ASU, Emma a 1stgrader at Las Sendas, and the caboose, Drew, who is in preschool. Darin and Cyndi work as a team in their family business as owners and publishers of Bridge Living Magazine, a social publication for the residents of the nearby community of Mountain Bridge.

With a background in education and a firm belief in being involved in her children’s education, Cyndi was excited to join the Las Sendas PTO Board. It allows her to be integrally involved in her children’s education while supporting those who work tirelessly to teach them.  At the end of the year, a successful PTO will have brought the community together in support of educating the children of the community. It takes the work of many to create a school as amazing as Las Sendas Elementary and a successful PTO will support all who work at and attend the school.

Cyndi doesn’t have many talents, but one thing she is known for is making popcorn the old fashion way, by popping it on a stove. This talent has earned her the family nickname, Poppy Popcorn. Would you believe her very favorite ice cream is bubble gum ice cream?  It doesn’t matter whether it is blue or pink, but just that it is full of bubble gum. It is hard to find so if you ever see it, please let her know!