Project Projector Donation Drive and…


As a school, we would like to get the Projectors mounted into the ceilings of every classroom.  So we decided to do a Donation Drive to help this goal out. The best part is that 100% of the contributions will go directly to Las Sendas Elementary.  As Mr. Kaczmarek’s letter stated we are looking to come up with a total of $34,705.43, which divided by 600 families would come out to $57.84 per family. We value our teachers’ time and your contributions to make this happen.

Bronze Level:

$20 per child or $60 per family

Candy Cane Chase with Jingle Bells, Treats, Special Guest

Silver Level:

$100 per family

Above PLUS 2 tickets to the Las Sendas Auction

Gold Level

$250 per family

Above PLUS Lunch with “The Elf”

Please make sure to look at the letter in your Wednesday Envelopes!  Thank you again! Your contributions are 100% appreciated!

Candy cane

In order to celebrate all the donations, our teachers, and the students, we decided, with Student Council and the PE department, to put on a wonderful event for our little ones. What is it? It is going to be a Fun Run called Candy Cane Chase. Every student will get to run/walk, and there may be a few surprises for the students along the way…there may even be an “ELF” hanging around.