GoNoodle! Something fun for the kids!



If you haven’t heard, GoNoodle is IN!
It’s all about movement, so if your kids are ancy in the afternoon, connect them to some GoNoodle exercises!  It’s FREE! It’s FUN!
Click here:
Also,  GoNoodle is coming to 5 cities in the – U.S.  – August – September.
We have to VOTE for PHOENIX.   Currently PHOENIX IS #3, so chances are good…..but there is still two weeks, and anything can happen.  (Last week we were #7, and a group of educator friends pushed a campaign to get us moved up…and look what happens!)
You can VOTE once with each email you have, and then share the link with your AZ friends so we hang in there.  Deadline is July 10th.
Click here:
Thank you Mrs. Brown for letting the PTO know about this!
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